Important Wood Floor Cleaning Tips for Different Finishes

Different modern flooring surfaces require specific cleaning processes. Using the wrong method to clean your floor will quickly or eventually ruin it. For your specific flooring type, you need to learn from the manufacturer's maintenance guide on the dos and don'ts when cleaning it. Some floors will be easy to clean with soap and water, while others will require detergents. Note that floor care for all wood floors, despite wood being the main material making them up, is not the same.

The Carpet Cleaning Debate: Chem Dry and Steam Cleaning

Despite concerted efforts of having your carpets remain clean, stains, grime and dirt will still accumulate on your carpet, and eventually you will need to have it cleaned. But how do you choose the best cleaning method for your carpet? There are essentially two methods at your disposal for your carpet cleaning purposes: chem dry and steam cleaning. There is, therefore, the need to clear some of the misconceptions that homeowners have about the two types of cleaning carpets.

Reasons to Opt For Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning

Due to the fact that mattresses are always enclosed in sheets, they tend to seem clean and spotless and thus, most homeowners neglect deep cleaning these items. As long as your mattress is still pristine and cosy, it must be spotless right? Additionally, since people rarely sleep on bare mattresses, they will not give a second thought to its overall appearance. This, however, is the wrong mentality to have with your mattress.

Carpet Steam Cleaning | 4 Step-By-Step Guidelines For Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

Every once in a while, it's probably a good idea to undertake carpet steam cleaning to remove dust, stains, odours and other debris embedded into carpet fibres thanks to constant feet movement. If you have decided to hire or buy a carpet steam cleaner for this task, you must follow certain steps to do a thorough job. Alternatively, if you don't have the time or expertise to do this task on your own, an expert carpet cleaner will steam clean your carpets professionally and efficiently.

What to Consider If You Need to Hire a Commercial Cleaner for the First Time

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your office can be more challenging than you realize; you need to find a company that will be reliable and handle the job with quality each and every time they show up. You also need to understand how they handle their paperwork and invoicing, as it may be different than other service providers you hire. Note a few things to consider if you need to hire a commercial cleaning company for the first time.