The Carpet Cleaning Debate: Chem Dry and Steam Cleaning

Despite concerted efforts of having your carpets remain clean, stains, grime and dirt will still accumulate on your carpet, and eventually you will need to have it cleaned. But how do you choose the best cleaning method for your carpet? There are essentially two methods at your disposal for your carpet cleaning purposes: chem dry and steam cleaning. There is, therefore, the need to clear some of the misconceptions that homeowners have about the two types of cleaning carpets.

Steam Cleaning Does Not Mean Chemical-Free Cleaning

In this debate of chem dry versus steam cleaning, it is necessary to understand that steam cleaning is not chemical-free. Steam cleaning machines use hot water, giving off steam, which does not actually clean the carpet. The steam is instead used to activate the detergent on your carpet fibres. On the other hand, dry cleaning agents provide a perfect job with no health safety concerns when used correctly. Furthermore, the only moment chemicals are not used is during vacuum cleaning. Chem dry cleaning method can, therefore, be used safely and effectively.

The Waiting Period

When using steam cleaning method, you can decide to buy your own cleaner or rent it from your local vendor. In the event of renting, you will have to provide for the time needed for the machine to reach your home, but you will be able to get your carpets cleaned exactly when you want. You can also hire a professional for these services. This will take a shorter time. However, in all these cases, your carpet will still take time before it is dry enough to walk on. Chem dry cleaning takes shorter time for your carpet to be ready for use. When done professionally, chem dry cleaned carpet will be ready in a few hours, and you will not have to suffer with the discomfort of not having a carpet.

It is important to note that you will only need a rented machine, detergents and water for your steam cleaning activity. However, you will have to wait for long before you carpet is ready to be used again. Hired professionals may be more effective in removing stains from your carpet, but this still does not guarantee the carpet will be stain-free.

Dry cleaning your carpet will give you the peace of mind that you need. There is usually little or no waiting time for the carpet to be used again. Chemical agents are perfect solution to carpet cleaning and provide the best options for your cleaning.