To DIY or Hire a Licensed Asbestos Remover for Your Home Project?

There are instances when one can DIY the removal of asbestos. However, you should think twice about it! Anything that can be a cause of health risk should entirely be left to a licensed professional. It may not be illegal to DIY the removal of asbestos in your home, but depending on your state or city, there may be some local restrictions. This is because you have to be aware of how you will safely dispose of the materials. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.

What Health Issues Can Arise?

Asbestos comes in two common forms. You can have bonded asbestos also known as non-friable asbestos and friable asbestos. Friable asbestos is asbestos that can be crumbled or reduced to powder form when some pressure is applied to it. Bonded asbestos is the opposite of friable asbestos.

When disturbed, asbestos —mostly friable asbestos — will release some dust, which contains asbestos fibres. You or any other person may inhale the fibres leading to lung scarring, a disease known as asbestosis. You can also get pleural disease and lung cancer! Licensed professionals will have months and years of experience handling asbestos safely, and hiring such as person will be your best bet.

The Complexity of the Removal Process

First, you have to be able to know what type of asbestos you have on your property. Secondly, why are you removing the asbestos? Are you renovating your home or are you maintaining? You should be aware that there are guidelines and restrictions to handling various amounts of asbestos. For example, to remove more than 10m² of non-friable asbestos, you may need a licence.

Thirdly, do you know that asbestos can also be found in the soil? How will you deal with it or remove it from the soil? Where will you dispose of it? You have to find a landfill that accepts asbestos since disposing of it in the bin outside your home is illegal. You will be putting the health of the council staff at risk. When you do find a landfill, who will transport the asbestos safely to the landfill?

Fourthly, you may be faced with high fines for going about some aspects the wrong way. This can be as high as thousands of dollars since you will not only be risking your health but the health of other individuals as well.

Don't take risks. Find a licensed professional who offers local asbestos removal. It will help ease your mind and save on costs during your home project.