3 Things You Should Always Have Professionally Cleaned

Handling your own DIY cleaning around the home may seem like it would save you some money, but improper cleaning of certain items and surfaces can actually cause damage to those items, so that they wear out sooner rather than later, or need outright replacement. Cleaning items yourself can also mean a poor-quality job, so that items really aren't cleaned at all, and they continue to look dull and dirty or smell a bit musty and stale. Note a few things around the house that you should always have professionally cleaned, so you avoid potential damage to those items, and so you know your home is always as clean as possible.

Tile floors

Floor tiles will usually have small pits and grooves that create traction, but they will also eventually trap and hold mud, dirt, and other debris that cannot be removed with a standard mop. Steam cleaning the tile yourself may mean removing its protective coating, not getting that dirt properly removed, or softening the grout that holds the tile together. A professional will know how to properly clean the tile without causing this damage, and will also know if the freshly cleaned tile needs a new coat of sealant or wax, to protect it and make it look its best.


Upholstered furniture is often more difficult to clean than you may realize; one reason for this is that there are a number of different fabrics from which furniture is made. Just like your own clothing, cleaning a particular furniture fabric with a harsh detergent can mean fading or otherwise damaging the fabric. It's also very difficult to clean the foam and other materials under furniture fabric, so that upholstered furniture is thoroughly cleaned and not just clean on its surface. Have a professional manage this job so that the upholstery isn't damaged and so that deep stains and dirt can be properly removed.


Even if the label on your home's curtains says that they're machine washable, it can still be good to take them to a professional cleaner. Washing and drying your curtains in your home's machines can leave them wrinkled or risk shrinking them, so they look unsightly after they're put back on the rod. Professional bulk curtain laundry services can also ensure that all lingering odours from cigarette smoke or cooking are removed from the curtains, so they smell fresh while also looking their best. A dry cleaner can also remove stubborn stains, including dirty fingerprints and other such marks, without damaging the fabric or causing fading.