How to Keep your Keyboard Clean

Do you work in an office? If so, chances are that you regularly, or at least occasionally, eat your lunch at your desk.  When you do so, you probably drop at least a few crumbs on your desk and into your keyboard.  If you are at your desk regularly, there is also a high chance that your keyboard will also collect a few other unwanted items, from beard and eyebrow hairs, to the grease from your fingers, and even bodily fluid, such as sweat or saliva.  But a little bit of everything in a keyboard can't hurt, right? Unfortunately, research has found otherwise.  A study by the University of North Carolina found that the average keyboard actually have the potential to carry all sorts of alarming bacteria, such as staphylococci, a bacteria which causes bloodstream infections, and diphtheroids, a bacteria which can cause serious infections in those with weak immune systems. 

So if you don't want your keyboard to make you sick, you'll need to clean it regularly.  Here are four ways to keep your keyboard squeaky clean and avoid infection in the process: 

Regularly use anti-bacterial wipes

Using anti-bacterial wipes to wipe the surface of your keyboard is absolutely pivotal in keeping it clean. Ideally, you should use wipes at least once a week to refresh the surface of your keyboard, especially if you have just eaten at your desk.  However, given the sensitive nature of your keyboard, you will need to purchase special computer wipes that minimize the chances of the keyboard getting wet.  

Keep your hands clean 

It may sound obvious, but the cleaner your hands, the cleaner your keyboard will be.  Following simple hygiene rules, such as washing your hands after going to the toilet and after eating anything (especially anything sticky or greasy) will ensure that your keyboard stays cleaner, for longer.  

Clean out your keyboard with compressed air 

Keeping your hands clean and using bacterial wipes will help with the surface of your keyboard, but it will do little to remove the pesky crumbs and hairs that lodge themselves between the keys.  So to ensure you get rid of these, purchase a compressed air can from your local computer store.  By regularly using compressed air, you can ensure that you remove any grime trapped in your keyboard.  

Treat your keyboard with UV light 

Worried about the germs on your keyboard that you can't see? A UV light can help with that.  By shining a UV light on your keyboard for about 20 seconds, you can get rid of a considerable amount of bacteria that might be living on the surface of your keys. 

Keyboard cleanliness is very important for your health.  However, if you don't have the time or the inclination to keep it clean yourself, you should consider investing in a commercial cleaner, who will be able to help you keep your keyboard as clean as it needs to be for you to avoid bacteria and disease!.

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