Carpet Cleaning | 3 Actions To Maintain The Freshness Of Your Light Coloured Carpet When You Have Pets

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is keeping their light coloured carpets clean when they have pets in the house. From muddy paws to fur shedding, pets can cause irreparable damage to carpets, especially when they are light in colour. While this carpet cleaning task sounds monumental, simple actions will ensure that your flooring retains its pristine and fresh appearance.

Appoint Tiled Entrances

Keep in mind that pets love to play in mud and grass, so their paws are bound to be muddy as soon as they enter the home. Instead of preventing them from this healthy form of entertainment for fear of your carpets getting ruined, you can confidently encourage them to play outside when you install tiles near pet entryways and doorways. This gives you the opportunity to get your pet to shake off the dirt and mud embedded in their fur and paws. You can keep towels nearby to clean them off before they get into your home. This smart action will prevent pet stains and dirt from damaging the pristine look of your light coloured carpets. Your pets will soon begin to expect the wipe down before entering the home, making your carpet cleaning task much simpler in the future.

Housetrain Your Pet

From the time you introduce your pet to your home, begin housetraining them to get them into a routine that works for you. You can either choose to send them for training classes or you can train them at home depending on your preferences. The key is to teach how to keep the house clean, whether it is to prevent potty accidents or regular messes. Take your pet out every few hours in the beginning and reward them with special treats to reinforce good potty training habits in them. Once you housetrain your pet, you'll find it easier to handle carpet cleaning.

Have A Stain Removal Strategy

Despite your best training efforts, pet urine and solid waste may sometimes be inevitable on your carpets. Prepare for this in advance by having an emergency removal strategy to handle this stain before it becomes too stubborn. To protect your carpet from urine and solid waste, you can purchase specialised pet stain removers from any home improvement or pet store. Keep this pet stain remover in a handy location because you'll most likely need it quicker than you think. You may also want to get a deodoriser to eliminate the smell or urine and faeces from your home.

While these actions are smart for light coloured carpets when you have pets, you may want to hire a carpet cleaning company every once in a while to deep clean your flooring thoroughly.